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White Cliffs of Dover

Somewhere in Wales
Great Britain is a very beautiful place. The people are friendly, the food is okay, the ales and ciders are absolutely phenomenal, and the countryside is filled with 1000 years of history. With very little effort, the intrepid tourist can find just about anything to tickle their fancy, from Stonehenge to old Roman forts... from the Dover cliffs to the Scottish highlands... from the Welsh frontier to downtown London, the opportunities are endless.

Even if we didn't have a 3-day pass, an occassional "down day", or even a day when we had done an early out-and-back, would afford us the opportunity to go out and do a little sightseeing. The closest major city to take advantage of was Cambridge. This was a popular spot partly because of King's College and the museum, and partly because the shops were rich in souvenir opportunities.

The MWR folks also had day-trip opportunities to London. For about $18, you could get a round-trip bus ticket to Trafalgar Square, and spend the better part of a day wandering the city to your heart's content. If you didn't mind shelling out extra money for the train, you could stay late enough to actually take in a show - London's version of Broadway.

Roman Ruins in Suffolk

Somewhere in Scotland

Trafalgar Square

Chris and Lark's London Trip

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