Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm

A pictorial view of Captain Chris Miller's experiences in southwest Asia

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I had been in the Air Force for about eight years, a C-130 Flight Examiner Navigator, and had recently been re-assigned to the 317th Tactical Airlift Wing Combat Tactics Branch at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina. August 3rd of 1991, Saddam Hussein ordered his Republican Guard across the border into Kuwait. The United States responded by putting elements of their Armed Forces on alert. As we were co-located with the XVIII Airborne Corps and the 82d Airborne Division over at Fort Bragg, when they went on alert, we did too. Our office went to 24 hour operations, and we prepared to receive and process the flow of C-5 and C-141 traffic we expected on the "Green Ramp". At 3 AM on the evening of my fourth shift, my boss, Major Joe Bob Stuka, came in and said, "Go on home and get some sleep, Chris. Come back at 7. You're going to McGuire". Seventy-two hours later, I was stepping off a C-5 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to begin 211 days of service in my third contingency. These pages contain some photos of my experiences there - about 1% of the total I took - and the stories behind them.

I spent 211 days in theater, logged over 200 hours of combat, combat support, and contingency logistics hours flying around the peninsula, learned some Arabic, bought gold, and learned that CNN had a better intelligence network that most flying wings. I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it either. Many people - friends, family, total strangers - wrote letters, sent packages, and called in encouragement. I worked with a great bunch of folks, both at the ALCC (1610th Airlift Division (Provisional)), and in the Airlift Wings. There's no finer bunch of folks than the ones who fly the Herks and the folks who support the mission.

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Visit Hercules Headquarters, the finest site on the web for C-130 related information and links.

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